Influence Of Infants Attachment

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|The Infants Attachment | |What it means for child development | | | |Child Development | Attachment is a bond that is created between two people, for an infant it is the bond that is formed between them and one or more of their caregivers: these people can include parents, grandparents, daycare providers, siblings, or any other person involved with caring for the child. The strongest most influential attachment is between the child and its primary caregiver, it is a crucial part of a child’s development process as it will ultimately affect later relationships. “Beyond physical care, early (attachment) experiences have a significant formative influence on children’s later mental health, social adjustment and personality development.”(2009) Depending on the type of attachment a child forms this…show more content…
They tend to minimize the expression of negative emotions and instead will circumvent the situation. These children show anti-social behaviors, emotional isolation and at times hostility. As they get older they have a hard time portraying how they feel, creating relationships that are lined with uncertainty and mistrust. “Avoidant attachment in infancy is associated with later antisocial and aggressive behavior in middle child and adulthood.” (1992) They tend to lag behind their peers when it comes to emotional and cognitive development due to their inability to express their wants and
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