Influence Of Hip-Hop On The Black Culture

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The Influence and Effect of Hip-Hop and its Artists on Society Hip-Hop is a genre in music that over the years has gain popularity worldwide. It contains some of the world’s most famous stars like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Beyoncé and Kanye West. It’s somewhat like a movement. We are heavily influenced by hip-hop in our daily lives. What we wear, drive and the life styles we live can be influenced by hip-hop. It can shape our relationships and the outcome of our future. Many People that listens to hip-hop and watches the videos are influenced by what they see the artists with in the videos. After watching an episode of cribs and seeing those mansions and fast cars can make a person crave for it. Now you think of ways how to get the money so you can afford it. One way a person might try to get the money is by selling drugs. Another way is finding a well paying job. One might do both. Those are all ways you can hear describing on how to get money in a hip-hop song. Some people will do whatever it takes to get it. After listening to a Young Jeezy album and hearing him say how much money he made when he was sell crack can be influencing to a young person living in poverty. He knows finding a job could be very hard, and it would be very hard for him to buy name brand cloths, shoe, and food out of each check. He knows that drug money is fast and tax free money and that he could have a lot to gain from it. Within one day of selling it he could earn $500 or more. Now he could buy some more of what he’s selling. If he was to double it the next day he could buy some more and a name brand outfit and shoes. If he keeps selling at a good rate eventually he would be able to buy a decent car. Now with a car he can hang out at the club with his “boys” because he got transport and money. The girls would start becoming attracted to him even if they don’t really like him but they still

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