Influence of Entertainment Media

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Influence of Entertainment Media HUM/186 Influence of Entertainment Media Entertainment media today has a strong grip on American society, which needs some consideration. If society allows today’s entertainment media to influence and control people, Americans today will need help to recover their strong family values and structure before they are lost. Today the American culture is influenced by entertainment media. There are more reality television shows today, viewed by many of society’s young people. A large number of these young people are easily influenced. As soon as a new fad or way of speaking is shown to look cool on television, these young people and sometimes even older people try to copy these trends. When the show “Jersey Shore” televised in 2009, it contained fighting, humor, relationships, and excessive drinking. This show has been popular with a large number of today’s college students. Even though the show only aired once a week, it portrayed a bad image that parents did not want their children to be idolizing. A large number of college students can be found in bars and nightclubs today trying to imitate the cast. This leads to irresponsible drinking and actions. Society today cannot only blame entertainment media for the influence that it has on people. Morals and values are first taught in the home. Parents today have many more challenges to steer their children around, yet it is still possible. Society today should examine the Japanese culture. The Japanese entertainment media today is far more violent than American culture, yet their crime rates are half of what American crime rate are. The Japanese have strong family values, which leads to a strong family structure. Parents today need to influence their children by teaching them strong family values and being aware of what kind of media their children are observing. If
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