Influence Of Art In Jasper John's Chatterton

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January 31, 2007 “I tend to like things that already exist.” Jasper Johns Famous American painter Anxieties of an Artist Chatterton, a story about the mysteries of art, is one of Peter Ackroyd’s most famous and complex novel. Every character in this novel encounters art, at one part or another in their lives; therefore, to the concepts of originality, forgery, imitation and plagiarism. What they show us throughout the novel is that it is impossible to run away from art, to be truthfully genuine, because all art influences other art; art communicates with other art and art in general is part of a verbal universe. This paper will bring up situations and examples that will prove that it is in fact impossible to not be influenced by what one has seen, heard, or read relating art, whether unconsciously or deliberately. The concepts of originality and forgery, the backbone of the novel, are purposely introduced at the very beginning of the story. On the way to Leno Antiques in Dodd’s Gardens, Charles, the main character and a poet himself, makes a very keen observation. He notices that “all these houses seemed…show more content…
As Harriet and Sarah Tilt, Harriet’s friend and famous art critic, look through an exhibition at the Cumberland and Maitland Art Gallery, they come across a painting by Fritz Dangerfield’s who, in his career, painted the same painting over and over again. Sarah considers him a “mad artist” (115) “He painted the same picture over and over again but he would not be parted from the canvases, which he kept in his bedroom until his death.” (116) This painting was his only source of influence, was the only ‘word’ in his verbal universe, so it was the only idea he could recycle and reuse in a new context. One interaction Harriet and Sarah make, after Sarah explains this painting to Harriet explains

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