Inflammation and Important Systemic Diseases. Dimensions of Essay

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Rethman, M.P. (2009). Inflammation and Important Systemic Diseases. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, 7(4), 11 – 14. The main point of the article is that the presence of inflammation, as commonly detected through inflammatory markers, coincides with the development and progression of various illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s. The main arguments or evidences in support of such throughout the article are mainly in the form of evidences from numerous studies; in general, inflammatory markers have been observed to increase among those individuals affected with the aforementioned diseases thus highlighting an encompassing presence. Undeniably, the article is a reliable source of information regarding the issue of inflammation as suitable sources have been used in the discussion. Even though it does provide a single sided approach to the discussion, as alternate findings have not been noted, it still serves an effective overview or guide in assessing the possible implications of inflammation that may not be commonly thought of during assessments in the clinical setting. Rethman, M. P. (2009). Inflammation: The Immune System, Genes, Epigenetics, and Cytokines. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, 7, 7-10. The article gives the reader an overview of the human immune system and its relation to genetics and cytokines in inflammation. It studies about inflammation and its major role as activating higher levels of immune system. The article also discusses the 2 main subdivision of immune system which is innate immune system and adaptive system, under the context of inflammation. Differentiated innate immune system to adaptive immune system, where the former is defined as an older type of mechanism that directly responds to infection or trauma. Touched base on the issue why identical twins could have different reactions to infection

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