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Great Gatsby: Infidelity In the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby, the author identifies a big problem in the novel. There were many examples of married men and women cheating on their spouses. However they still remained married to them for their own selfish goals, fear, or desires. This is called infidelity. Infidelity today is the number one killer of marriages and relationships, and can be looked at as a symptom for non-working marriages. In the novel there was a lack of love and respect in the marriages, and there wasn’t anyone trying to fix their marriages either because they were around for their spouse’s money, or cheated because they were rich and felt could get away with it. There was one couple in particular that demonstrated these examples of infidelity in the novel. The couple was Daisy and Tom. Daisy stayed married to Tom because he was buying her happiness and his money, while deep down, she was really hurt and sad about the relationship. On the other hand Tom felt he could do as he pleased because of his physical stature and how much money he had. Although Myrtle was Tom’s mistress it was only for the time being, because in Tom’s past he’s had many other women. This is due to Tom having lots of Money and being able to do as he pleases. Soon, daisy begins to have an affair of their own with Jay Gatsby. Someone she loved in her past, and remains hopefully for her. As a result of these peoples actions of finding means of happiness or power. Two people ended up dead: Gatsby and Myrtle. Some people say that if you aren’t happy it’s best to seek happiness in your marriage through means of another relationship. Some other people say that it’s true that money does buy happiness this is in fact not true. Is infidelity justifiable? Is Infidelity really okay if a person isn’t happy? Did any of these characters really love one another? Is infidelity

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