Inferno man Essay

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During the year of 2060 a scientists formulated and Idea about creating the ultimate warrior who would fight for hope, justice and overtime conquer evil. The ‘perfect being’ would be made for only good and must abide by the 3 golden rules, 1. Never harm a human unless they go against the principals of society. 2. Always fight for good and never evil 3. Always keep identity a secret. If any of these main principals are broken then there is no purpose. By merging heat, fire, wind and the strongest of steels the Inferno was created. However Inferno is born into a world of corruption, hate and deceit which was all started by the one thing he was prophesised to defeat, a Cyborg who has no name, nor no heart, he was once a creation, a wonderful creation that went wrong, and spun the world into peril, now 30 years later, the Inferno must be sent back in time to destroy the Cyborg and reverse time for the good of mankind. The inferno stands for all things that are good, he was programmed to fight for all things that are right and to help preserve human life at all costs and fight for hope, justice, and to conquer evil for a better tomorrow and a brighter future. The Inferno possesses the powers from the four elements which he was created from, his body is impenetrable from even the toughest of force, he is able to fly at massive speeds using the wind to his advantage and he has the ability to manipulate fire which is his most important potent ability. The Inferno has no need for gadgets, he is the weapon. By day the Inferno lives within the society, he blends in as one of them, he works as a taxi driver in Manhattan, and owns a small apartment on the 14th floor of the Hilton, his identity is to remain secret if he is to save the world from the future. His name is Scott Smith and by day he drives taxis but by night he saves the

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