Infection Control Essay

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Infection control There are different ways in which infections can be transferred or transmitted they are contact, cross contamination, use of equipment that hasn’t been cleaned or sterilized properly to name but a few. To control and safeguard against this you should; Wear aprons at all times Wash hands thoroughly Wear gloves Wipe down surfaces Tie hair back Keep nails short and clean Personal hygiene Don’t wear jewellery Don’t wear makeup Be bare below the elbows Disinfecting areas regularly can reduce the risk of infections like; Toilet handles Door handles Work surfaces Light switches Utensils Taps There are different types of bacteria and in order for them to grow they need time, moisture and temperature. These bacterial infections include; MRSA; most of us carry this infection and 1 in 3 people carry it up their noses or on the skin. It usually causes skin infections that may show as boils, abscesses or impetigo. MRSA will cause more serious infections if it gets into the blood stream. It can affect the lungs or even the urinary tract. It normally affects people with a weak immune system. Aprons and gloves must be worn at all times and hands washed very thoroughly. CDIF; can cause diarrhoea and usually occurs in a person who has received antibiotic or fluid replacement therapies. It occurs when a bacteria called flora that lives in our intestines has been changed. The bacteria releases toxins which can cause colitis. Viruses are smaller than bacteria and can only grow in a living cell of a host. Fewer viruses than bacteria are needed to cause an infection. Viruses do not respond to antibiotics. They require anti-viral therapies. Viral infections include; Colds/Flu Hepatitis Norwalk Hep B spreads through bodily fluids and causes life long infection that attacks the liver. You should get inoculated for it.

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