Infants Brain Development

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Infant’s Brain Development INTRODUCTION Many believe that human brain is the most complex unit in the universe. Regardless of how true that belief is, there is no doubt that human brain is indeed complexly developed. From all periods of brain development, infancy plays a significant role. It is the period when the brain starts to build up itself and undergo what is known as brain burst. The “blank tablet” that John Locke once assumed as babies brain, is proved to be more like a computer with millions of connections made inside it every moment. The amount of development that an infant’s brain experiences is very important and influential in the babe’s future life. An infant’s brain grows very fast; it forms or strengthens connection and interconnections, and undergoes neurological processes that speed up the information processing in different areas of the brain. It is well known, nowadays, that both nature and nurture influence the brain development. As much as natural conditions such as genetics or biological conditions influences the way brain develops, the influence of external stimuli on the level and procedure of development is undeniable. The environment that the infant is growing up in can be set up by the parents of another party to stimulate the brain. Whether the environment is set up by caregivers or not, the experiences that the child goes through, predicts the physical development of his or her brain. More stimulation can be interpreted as better and more brain development. However negative aspects of over-stimulation should be taken intro consideration. BODY Prior to going through the development of brain, it is necessary to have basic knowledge about know how it functions. Neurons are the most fundamental parts of a functioning brain. There are trillions of them in an adult’s brain and they are responsible for receiving and transmitting
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