Infants Essay

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The Environment My observation on the infants took place around eleven twenty-seven, at the Riverside Community College Early Childhood Center. Once I arrived I was ask to sign into a binder that held a section with my instructor name. I then was handed a visitor pass. Now pass in hand I put it on then proceeded down the cool slightly lit hall way. From my previous visit I remembered the infants were to the left. I walked up to the window and then turned the knob on for sound. At this point I was able to see as well hear what was taking place in the classroom. The room looked to have had a Halloween theme going on. I noticed this from the hanging spider webs and pumpkins that were plastered on the walls as well windows. There was just enough light in the classroom it was made this way, because half of the infants were up and the other half were playing. Things I observed while looking into the classroom were three high chairs used to feed the infants when hungry. Four cribs to lay the sleeping child in. Two rocking chairs to help with assistance when rocking the child to sleep. I noticed the mirror on the wall that was made child length. I noticed the variety of toys that were on the floor as well shelves. I liked how it was a lot of visuals for the infants to see all around the classroom. There were things such as posters hanging on the walls as well the bright colors that lit up the room. I saw the changing table towards the middle of the classroom. I noticed the four color mat that was on the floor where the babies were able to play on. There was a refrigerator and trashcan towards the back of the classroom. This classroom looked to have everything needed for this group of infants. Everything was placed in a certain section made easy for the infants to crawl as well roll around if they wanted to without bumping into something or getting hurt. The room was

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