Infant Safety Essay

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4 weeks – 6 months: SAFETY, RESTRAINTS, AND POISIONING Crib safety: p. 78 * Parents should be cautious about buying older models (before 1989) because they do not meet current safety standards * Distance between crib rails should be less than 2 3/8 inches to prevent entrapment and potential strangulation * No sharp edges * Crib mattress should fit snug Infant feeding safety: p. 78 * Warm bottles slowly * Do not use the microwave * Solid food should not be introduced until 4 months because the digestive tract is still developing up to this point (p. 75) * Never prop up a bottle because it is a choking hazard Pacifier safety: p. 78 * Shield should be large enough to prevent placement of entire pacifier in mouth * Should be checked frequently for breakage or cracks Play and bath time safety: * At 3 months babies learn to roll so parents should be taught to keep one hand on the baby at all times and never leave alone on a change table. * Crib mobiles and gyms should be placed at appropriate heights and toys should not have any removable parts or sharp edges (p.79) * Water temp should be below 120 degress F, test water temp before placing infant in bath, one hand should be kept on the infant the whole time (p. 79) Car seat safety: p. 598 * Infants up to 20 pounds must be placed in a rear facing car seat in the back seat of a car, no front seat due to airbag * Infant must be dressed so that clothing facilitates ease of positioning and strap placement * Parents should check the temp of the car seat by touching it to prevent burns or overheating in warm weather. Poisoning: p. 78 * Powders, lotions, and oils should be used cautiously to prevent poisoning if swallowed * To prevent aspiration do not shake powder close to the infants face * Parents should place powder in their hand then rub
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