Infant Observation Paper

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Infant Observation Toddler being observed: Aliza Gomez Date: July 19, 2012 Time: 1:00 pm Place: At my mom’s house after lunch Aliza is 2 years of age, female and her birthday is October 10, 2009. Aliza is a female toddler who is according to Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development is in the preoperational stage. The preoperational consists of preschool children ages 2-7 that use symbols to represent their earlier sensorimotor. Development of language and make believe paly takes place at this stage. While observing Aliza on July 19th I noticed how well she played with others. I watched and listened how she played with her older cousin, Sandra. Sandra was the mother and Aliza was the daughter. While playing this game I notice how Aliza would actually whimper like a little baby and act as if she were sucking a pacifier to sooth her crying. I also notice how she changed the tone of her voice as an attempt to get into the character of the baby. Aliza is not a selfish child at all something you would expect for a three year old who doesn’t go to daycare and is an only child. She played really well with her older cousins who she really learns a lot from. Ordering to Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory which focuses on how the values, beliefs, customs, and skills of a social group are transmitted to the next generation. I would say this is why she is so advanced and very apt to learn. Aliza has already mastered saying her alphabet and can count to 20. I watched as her older relatives sat down at the table to do their homework and Aliza too sat down at the table with her pen and paper pretending she had homework to do too. She wrote just lines on the paper but she said that “they are my ABC’s my teacher told me I had to write them down”. I also observed how she acts with her mother, with her mother it was like she was a totally different child. At one point
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