Infant Observation

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NAME: Cantil, Hazel Jan DATE: 10 October 2014 Observation of an Infant Name of Infant : Jenna Mei Sustal Address of Observation: 7150 Tuther Way San Diego CA 92114 Age of Infant: 4 months and 3 days Birthdate of Infant: June 6, 2014 Relationship of Infant to Student: Niece of my friend Name of Caregiver: John Paul Nazareno Relationship of Caregiver to Infant: Niece Date of Observation: 09 October 2014 Telephone Number of Caregiver: (858)386-3473 I. Physical characteristics: Discuss the physical appearance of the infant, including: body size, complexion, hair color, body proportions (how body appears), and physical features. Baby Jenna has a…show more content…
Smiling and laughing Baby Jenna smiles directly to a person when she looked at them. Happiness is expressed by the social smile, evoked by a human face. She laughs to pretty much everything even in a smallest thing. Just like when her mom made a sound out of her mouth. The second five minute of observation she showed anger and sadness. The positive emotions of joy and contentment joined by negative emotions. Example is when Angela came in with a toy to play with Jenna she smiles spontaneously then Jenna cried when Angela instantly grab the toy away from her. Jenna reacted sadness. Another emotion is fear, when I tried to get closer to Jenna she even cried louder showing stranger wariness stage when an infant no longer smiles at any friendly face and cries even more to an unfamiliar person who moves too close. b. What behaviors did the infant demonstrate that could be explained by one or more of the theories in your textbook? Discuss the behavior and the theory. For example, did you see any evidence of one of Freud’s stages? Theories of Language Learning. Theory Two: Social Impulses Foster Infant Language also called social-pragmatic. Infants communicate because human are social beings, social interactions is one of those practices, emotional messages of speech. Example of when Jenna’s mom was trying to point out a picture and characters in the Ipad and naming those unnamed images and she is responding with a mumbling sounds. IV. Maturity

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