Infant Observation Essay

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“In the eyes of a child there is joy, there is laughter. There is hope, there is trust, a chance to shape the future.” ~Air Supply. Observing a child is a fascinating experience. It is amazing to see how differently children view certain things in comparison to how adults view them. I chose to do my observation on a nine month old boy named CB at Celebration Children’s Center. As I first observed the children in the classroom, I noticed this child right away. CB was a very large, solid boy for his young age of nine months. At the time of observation he towered over the tallest of the other children by four inches. CB is mulatto with very curly light brown hair and green eyes. For the most part, CB was a very happy and content baby. It seemed that the only reason that he would get upset was if he needed his diaper changed. I later found out that he comes from a single parent home and the younger of two children. Both children had been placed in day care at a very young age. This was evident in CB because he knew the routine and rules of the classroom. Communication By the time an infant reaches the age of nine months, they have already began cooing and babbling. As stated by Laura Berk in Infants and Children (2006), infants from eight to twelve months “become more accurate at establishing joint attention with the caregiver, who often verbally labels what the baby is looking at.” According to the ASQ, CB was far from the cut off in all categories. However, the domain in which he was lacking was communication. Out of a possible 60, CB scored a 40. He did not follow commands and did not make similar sounds often. He also did not say words that mean something, such as “Ma-ma” or “ba ba,” although he was very expressive without using is voice. CB enjoyed simple games and songs that were active, such as, pat-a-cake and row your boat. When the

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