Infant Loss Essay

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| McKenzie Grace | English 101 | | Brandy Jolly G00103578 | 10/29/2013 | You never know just how fragile life can be until you are faced with it. | I remember the day like it was yesterday. Five thirty in the morning on February 5, 2006 to be exact. I was five months pregnant. I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock screaming at me. Another busy day at Wal-Mart I thought as I pulled back the covers to start my day of work. I climbed out of bed and just as I stood up I immediately hit the floor. Everything went dark. I remember waking up and being the hospital. I could not figure out what I was doing there. In the corner of the room I could see my husband talking to the doctor. I remember my mom standing over me wiping my forehead with a washcloth. The doctor and BJ my husband came to the bedside and told me that I was being transferred to another hospital that dealt with premature delivery. I went into complete shock. I just kept thinking this could not be happening; I was not but five months pregnant, if the baby came now would he/she survive. I had not even found out the sex of the baby yet. In a matter of minutes I was loaded in the ambulance. It was already dark outside again. Through the glass on the door of the ambulance I could see the flashing lights. I knew it had to be more serious than what they were telling me. I remember asking the nurse who was with me was the baby ok. She responded by saying “whatever you do, do not push. I do not want to deliver a baby in the back of an ambulance” I knew then I was in full labor. The hospital I was going to was 45 minutes away but that particular night it felt like a snap of the fingers and we were there. Once arriving at the hospital I was rushed into labor and delivery room. They hooked me up to all kinds of machines and then turned the bed as if I was standing on my head. The doctors said

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