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Inf103 Computer Literacy Essay

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Below is an essay on "Inf103 Computer Literacy" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

After reading Chapters 6-7 and then critically thinking and reflecting on the information, please select three of the questions below to answer. Your responses should be a minimum of a paragraph (125-175 words) per question, be grammatically correct, and demonstrate through intelligent use of quotes, facts, and figures that you have learned from the assigned chapters.

Searching for information on Google is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Is that true? Was the library of the 19th century more efficient? Explain.
How is searching in a specific database, such as Ashford’s library, different from searching in Bing, Google, or Yahoo?
The information age might very well go down as one of the most influential movements of the last century. The term “revolution” refers to a drastic change. In what ways in this information age so drastically different? Is it all good?
Propriety software and open source applications are anything but similar. What are the pros and cons of buying Microsoft Office (proprietary) versus downloading and using Open Office (open) for free?
Culture is a major facet of any organization. Given this, what role does the culture at Google play in its continual innovative solutions and entrepreneurial applications?
The web 2.0 is not a new Internet. Is it the new name given to an emerging trend – participation?   Instead of simply consuming information people are contributing and as a result, connecting to others in the process. If you had to make an educated guess, what might the web 3.0 be like? Why?
Social networks allow people to connect for a variety of reasons in a digital environment.   You might join LinkedIn to meet business contacts, MySpace to find a band member, or Facebook to see pictures of old friends and meet new ones. Whatever environment you decide to be a part of, posting information about you has become an issue of concern. What are those concerns? I mean what is the big deal about privacy?
The founder of...

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