Inequality In City Road

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Inequality is a term used to describe the unequal distribution of valued social resources therefore its an unfair situation, in which some groups in society have more money, opportunities or power than others. In both study materials, the making social lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, we look at City Road. This road consists of lots of different shops, majority of which are restaurants and takeaways targeted at the local ethnic minority and student populations. After studying both study materials I have come to acknowledge the many different inequalities on City Road. The first inequality I will talk about is an Ethnic inequality. In the DVD we come across Janet Symmons, who is originally from Africa but has settled here in the UK. She…show more content…
Georgina Blakeley mentions ‘but this kind of nostalgia for the past is often an imagined past, which was in itself the site of inequalities and differences’ (‘Making Social Lives on City Road’, scene 5). I found scene 6 from the DVD very interesting as we don’t normally get to see Asian women portrayed in this way. Here, we see how this Asian woman has built such a good business as Lloyd Robson states that her shop is ‘the largest sari showroom in the whole of Wales, on City Road’ (‘Making Social Lives on City Road’, scene 6). In my view, the gender inequality has been overcome here as a woman of Asian ethnicity hasn’t been treated unfairly, has been given a chance and is running a thriving enterprise. Lastly, I will talk about the Sports centre. The local residents find the sports centre to look daunting and expensive as John Cooksley, the head coach, mentions ‘They want to play, they look in and they’re like oh that looks like a private club, it looks expensive, but it’s actually not so it’s, we needs to somehow break the boundaries’(‘Making Social Lives on City Road’, scene 7). People from poorer backgrounds feel excluded from this facility creating an economic inequality. The sports centre needs to be advertised better so that people from all types of financial backgrounds know about the

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