Inequality In America Analysis

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Inequality in America Imagine walking down a sidewalk and expecting to be discriminated against by other pedestrians because of skin color, even worse, having to cross over to the other side of the street instead of passing another pedestrians just to ensure they don’t get intimidated. This is shown in both of the memoirs I have read, Exile: El Paso, Texas by Saenz and Just Walk on By: Black Men and Public Space by Brent Staples. Both these characters were natural United States born citizens. In the two memoirs, Saenz and Mr. Staples undergo discrimination and racism based on false assumptions. In El Paso, Saenz obviously is undergoing constant discrimination. He goes around town minding his own business while the border patrols weed…show more content…
Many Mexican American U.S. citizens have lived in their houses for a long time in Tran borderline towns. They frequently end up getting called for identity checks because of their skin tone. This also matches up with the ABC video, No English, No Service. The employee clerk refused service to the Mexican customer because he judged he was not a citizen based on his dark skin tone. Just Walk on By has not related to the ABC video of “No English, No Service” in any way whatsoever, in my opinion. The memoir was more detailed on wrongful discrimination in skin color and setting, while the video contained more of discrimination at the marketplace. Where ever immigrants go, they undergo discrimination, which completely contradicts America’s original purpose. In summary, Us, Americans, are ignorant and too quick on assumptions in total. We should not be labeling individuals as illegal, seeing that contradicts America’s very original purpose. I believe discrimination will never cease to exist in America. We have passed the ‘point of no return’ where we cannot get rid of today’s discrimination. What happened to America and its open gates to new
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