IT Industry and Visa Essay

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1 Introduction Nowadays, there are an increasing number of people, especially the professionally skilled people make a great effort to squeeze into the United Sates, which results from the fact that America , the most developed country, has drawn the word’s attention for its outstanding economy and expansive job opportunities. In the meanwhile, the United Sates economy must be affected by the immigrants who will stimulate the America consumption market as well as the other industries. As a result, in order to achieve the win-win situation, the U.S. launches the H-1B program so as to satisfy both, and most important of all, this kind visa aims to benefit U.S. economy. Through H-1B visa program, lots of immigrants are attracted by its “dual intent”, which means a great chance of becoming American citizens, and American industries take advantage of cheap labour to achieve much more value. And more and more companies, especially the IT companies such as Microsoft, Cisco,, Texas Instruments, Oracle Corp reiterate the severe lack of IT skillful employees to the Congress so as to get more quotas for the foreign IT workers, which will not only have more accessed for the immigrants but also bring about lots of benefits to the industries(Julie R. Watts,2001,Page.143). 2 Current situation In terms of insufficient H-1B visa holders, more and more industries or other supporters hold that the severe shortfall of highly skilled foreign workers have already caused many vacancies in the appropriate positions especially in the IT firms, which result in great loss in America economy. As a result, the supporters mirror the unsatisfactory situation to the Congress so as to enlarge the temporary well-qualified workers. Therefore, numerous policies are made, some of which are elaborated as follows. Firstly, the H-1B visa workers are required to master some

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