Industrialzation Dbq Essay

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Industrialization DBQ Throughout history the growth of cities around the world has caused various issues. The growth of Manchester during the nineteenth century caused many issues like over population and filthiness of the city, which have lead to many reactions like the ones from working people. The growth of Manchester led to many people moving there which caused Manchester to become over populated. With so many people living in Manchester it became a place of filth and ridden with disease. Due to the increase of workers’ wages were cut which made workers have bad reactions to the growth of Manchester. Due to industrialization that took place in Manchester during the nineteenth century it had a period of rapid growth which led to the issue of over population. Robert Southey claimed that you could not find a place more destitute than Manchester due to the numerous crowds of people in the street and the endless number of brick and blackened houses (doc. 2). I would expect Robert Southey to write like this directly because he was a romantic poet and wrote with his emotions not facts. The two maps from document one show that before Manchester grew it had no canals or railroads for transportation, but after Manchester had countless canals and railroads. These railroads and canals help people move to Manchester increasing the population. Wheelan and Co. believed the increase in population had a positive affect on Manchester (doc. 9). They claim that no part of England presents such remarkable and attractive features as Manchester. I would expect the company Wheelan and Co. to convey the increase of population as a positive effect because it is a business and appreciates the development of industries. An extreme concern of the growth of Manchester is the filth that it brought along with it. Alexis de Tocqueville states that the city is a foul drain that has turned
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