Industrialization After the Civil War Essay

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Assignment 1:2 Industrialization after the Civil War Final Draft Melissa Harmon Anthony McCormack Contemporary U.S. History May 9, 2015 INDUSTRIALIZATION AFTER THE CIVIL WAR PAGE 1 After the Civil War, the U.S. went through many changes trying to evaluate what life was going to be like now that the country had been divided. The Industrial Revolution brought good things that were new and promising to a devastated country that was struggling to find its footing. It also brought to surface, some horrible behaviors and government practices that begged for reform. There were many aspects, during this era, which defined, in what direction our society, economy, and politics were going. These new innovations and concepts laid the groundwork for our current lives today. Among the many innovations that came about, the railroad was one of the most important phenomena of the Industrial Revolution. The railroad brought amazing social, political, and economic change to a damaged country by creating jobs and opening things up for expansion into the west. It made transportation of goods and materials easier and travel faster. Another key aspect of the Industrial Revolution was urbanization. With the rise of factories, which were more commonly built in the city, people who lived in the rural areas flocked to the urban landscape in search of work. With the flood of immigrants arriving daily, these urban jungles grew. Americans who once lived in the rural communities felt a sense of alienation because they were so use to the comforts of communal living where everyone knew everyone. The creation of tenements escalated the situation most often because they were extremely overcrowded. This led to horrible living conditions which in turn spread epidemics like wildfire. The upper middle class lived far better than
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