Industrialization After the Civil War Essay

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Charlene Barrett February 7, 2015 History 105 Contemporary U.S History Professor David Lobb Week Five Assignment “Industrialization after the Civil War” Abstract I think that when it rains the sunny will come out tomorrow, well not exactly but I do think when the Industrialization after the civil war had the greatest influenced on US society, Politics, and economy. I do think that when bad things happens that it will get better even if it gets worst first , I still think it will get better and that’s what happen here in the 1860s-1920s. In this paper you will read about the different aspects that influenced the industrialization. Also, this paper will discuss the groups that were affected by the industrial revolution. In addition to that this paper will discuss the ways that industrialization affected the life of the average working American during this period. Lastly, this paper will come to a conclusion. Major aspects influenced by the industrialization Labor- During this time it was great for people to get work because America was growing a rapid pace. Along with the population was growing at a staggering rate, in the 1860 the US population went from 31,443,321- 76,212,168 in 1900. Especially the industrial labor force triple between 1880’s &1910 to 8million. Bigger factories, which meant more jobs, and more money to be made. Also, because of the high population growth that was spurred by immigration helped to keep the value of individual workers low as there was a supply of people to fill the positions. Specialization- the economies develop places so that makes specialized in certain forms of production whether it was primary, secondary or other sectors of the economy. Now, because of this specialization it is the comparative advantage and is a competitive edge in the form of lower production cost, & lower cost of raw materials enjoyed by
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