Industrialization After the Civil War Essay

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Assignment 1.2: Industrialization after the Civil War Arthinia Thompson Professor Caren Stayer November 5, 2014 Industrialization after the Civil War Introduction The Industrial Revolution had a huge effect on the economy, politics, and society. There were five different groups that were affected during this Revolution. The Industrial Revolution affected the average working American and brought many changes to American as a whole. The Revolution also damaged everything in its way, including the government, people and life itself. Three Aspects of the Industrial Revolution Three aspects of the Industrial Revolution include society, the economy, and politics. In the Industrial Revolution era, the American economy started to change for two reasons. Increase of productivity and the factory system. Productivity system helped people complete jobs in their homes while the factory system allowed majority of the work to be completed in one location. Another change in the Industrial Revolution era that went through two major transitions was the society. Many Americans decided to leave farming and went to find factory jobs due to creating machines that made people less interested in farming. The Revolution also had an effect on family business by making it less dominating. Finally, Politics were also affected by the industrial Revolution. Because politics were in desperate need of a change, the politicians decided to focus on business instead of dedicating themselves to those who were poor and the people of the working class. During the Industrial Revolution, politicians at that time felt that it was far more important to help businesses than helping poor people. This created a bad reputation for them because instead of helping the poor, they decided to help their friends, giving contracts to those who
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