Industrial Revolution's Negative Impact

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Industrial Revolution’s Negative Impact I’m a female adult working class citizen in England. I work for almost 14 hours a day, six days a week. I understand the Industrial Revolution is trying to change our society and better our future, but the industrial revolution will have a negative impact on humanity due to the long hours and harsh working conditions, disease and deprivation, and the poverty amongst families. This revolution is not only changing the society greatly, but affecting humanity in a negative way. I wake up before 6 am every morning, ready to endure 14 hours of physically draining work each day. Sleep deprived and sluggish, I must work to make money (the $1.25 I make a day). I can’t handle these working conditions anymore. I feel as if I’m getting weaker and weaker each day. My body aches and needs sleep. The factory is so dark and stuffy. The machines are always exposed so it isn’t rare to see other workers injured. We only get at least an hour break a day, which doesn’t compare to the 14 hour or more work day. This isn’t healthy or safe for any of us to be working in any longer. This revolution is only negatively impacting us, and it isn’t fair to continue this type of treatment. The more workers we get, the more disease continues to spread. Lung disease is spreading and the workers are always sick and coughing. I can’t afford to get sick, considering I have a family to support. Because of these harsh working conditions and the way we all have to live, disease is only going to continue to spread and people are going to continue to die. As the populations goes up, so does disease, and because so many factories are leading to the immigration, I’m scared disease will only continue to increase. The water supply is infected with human waste and matter. If the working conditions don’t improve, workers will continue to get sick and it’s already
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