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Industrial Revolution Effects Essay

  • Submitted by: JackSkellington
  • on December 9, 2010
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Industrial Revolution

In the 19th century the Industrial Revolution impacted the world with drastic changes. England was the first country to industrialize but it didn’t take long before the changes hit the United States. The Industrial Revolution gave the world a new method of producing goods. It changed the way we do things economically, socially and politically. It also planted seeds of ideas because many new inventions where built during this time.
During this era, four factors of production where introduced and we have lived by these factors until now. The four factors of production include entrepreneurship, capital, labor, and natural resources. These concepts all play a vital role in the way of producing goods in the industrial society. These notions are very different from a “cottage industry.” In the 17th century families lived using the outline of a cottage industry. All the food was produced at home. There where no work hours set and the whole family played a role in producing or doing something to help. The children didn’t attend school; instead they remained at home and helped with what was needed. Families would awaken at the break of dawn to work and would stop when the sun set. It was a way of life but the industrial revolution changed everything. It spread dramatically through the world and created new views amongst the people.
On the other hand “factory systems” worked completely different. In a factory system everything was synchronized. Everyone went to work at the same time, every day. They worked many hours everyday six days a week usually. They all worked to make new goods. The industrial revolution made manufacturing goods faster and easier. New machinery captivated the mind of everyone and soon many new inventions where made. James Watt was an essential inventor of the industrial revolution. He perfected the steam engine and made one that was so light and compact that it was put in cars. By the end of the 19th century steam engines...

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