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Industrial Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: MelanieAnn
  • on May 26, 2011
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During the 19th Century chemicals, steal and electricity started to replace the steam engine. New transportation methods allowed people to transfer food much safer and effectively, causing the food to be cheaper. This then allowed the European population to purchase food for a cheaper amount and spend money elsewhere. During the second industrial revolution an influx in steal chemicals and electricity resulted in new inventions, which allowed for more leisure time and better living conditions for the European population.
During the second industrial revolution new materials and ideas led way to new inventions in all aspects of life. Thomas Edison created the light bulb, so Europeans were then able to light up their houses. Gogliemo Marconi sent radio waves across the Atlantic, which then led to electricity and electric railways, conveyer belts, cranes and machines. Bell created the telephone, which allowed faster communication and became especially useful in later warfare. Daimler invented the light engine, which led to the creation of the automobile by Henry Ford. Henry ford mass-produced cars, so Europeans could travel faster. The Wright Brothers were the first to fly an aircraft at Kitty Hawk, which also affected later warfare.
Due to cheaper transportation methods of food the mass population could afford luxury items. Cartels, enterprises of workers, were created in Germany in order to control the prices and eliminate competition. New transportation provided cheaper food so people had more money to spend elsewhere. Due to this department stores were created with consumer products. Tariffs soon replaced free trade. Trade union and strakes occurred from the General Confederation of Labor.
Along with new inventions came a new living style for the masses. Lawn games, volleyball, rugby and bowling all became popular. Montessori created hands on learning at your own pass style of education for children. Robert Powell created boy scouts, which taught boys to...

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