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Industrial Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: kwadwo1
  • on April 30, 2011
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The industrial revolution did not happen suddenly and didn’t change peoples life’s overnight. It evolved gradually, one small invention led to another big one. In Europe the invention of this period changed agricultural life and urban society. These inventions were useful and helped everyone from nobles to peasants and ordinary workers.
Before Eli Whitney cotton gin picking cotton was a very labor intensive process.   It would take hours for slaves to separate the seed from the cotton, thus slowing down production and bringing less money in. the cotton gin was a machine that speeded up cotton production and made weaving it faster. As the rate of cotton production went up people demanded more and more cotton, making this invention a success.
Robert Fulton was the first American to build to build a steam-powered engine. He did this by applying a steam power to ships. Steam boats were a very significant part in us economy because a proportion of U.S raw materials and trade goods were carried by steamboats through the U.S river and costal regions.
Another invention of the industrial age was the telephone. This was a very important invention because it made communication and business making more efficient. Alexander Graham Bell was an American inventor who patent the telephone. Many phones were installed in offices, factories, warehouses, railroad stations and other businesses. Phones gave businesses an easy, fast way of doing business, thus helping to expand the U.S economy. CONCLUSION

As the inventions expanded in the industrial revolution, life became easier and much more efficient. Transportation and communication systems expanded industry in America, almost guaranteeing...

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