Industrial Revolution Essay

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A) The Industrial Revolution allowed new technologies to speed up the production of goods. Two significant consequences were the breakdown of family units and mass urbanization. Prior to this revolution the majority of people were skilled craftsman or farmers. With mass production now a possibility this lowered the need for skilled craftsman and forced many to move into the city to find jobs including many women and children. The husbands went away to find potential jobs in the city or the women and children were being employed in the factories themselves. This left many women back in the country to take care of all of the farm work or many families split working in factories for long hours leading to much less time to teach their children and a significant decrease in family time altogether. The farm work before relocating to the city allowed for a slower paced life where there was more time for family interaction and a sense of the family being a whole unit while working together.(Gingerich 2003) A large influx in workers in the city meant rapid growth and devolpment or urbanization in the area. This lead to poorly constructed apartments and homes with horrible sanitation and little to no health and safety standards followed. The homes nearby were expensive and hard to come by leading to higher living expenses and the further stretching of family resources. Families would share apartments causing overcrowding and increasing the sick and unsanitary living conditions. This mass urbanization only increased the dissolution of family units further. ( Zeitlin 1995) B) The Industrial Revolution caused yet a further divide between the rich and the poor. By creating a dependency on employers to give wages, capitalism was established as the dominant economic system that we still live under today. C) The rise of capitalism helped to bring about communism because

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