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Industrial Revolution. Essay

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A British writer, Arnold Toynbee used the term 'Industrial revolution' to describe the changes that occurred in Britain from 1700 right through to 1900. What this meant was that there were huge changes in the way people worked after 1750. Through out this period of time manufacturing of all kind of goods were moved out of people's homes into steam powered factories. A lot of brilliant new machines were made in about a fraction of the time someone could in their own home. It was truly a time of change hence the name 'Industrial Revolution'. It was a change in the way people worked, but there were many changes to the following things: medicine, technology, population, towns, cities, transport and many other things too.

Through out this period of time the Industrial Revolution had an enormous impact on work but also had a very good social impact. Britain's population went from a small seven million to a massive 37 million. Mumps and measles that are well known today killed people before the Industrial Revolution.This was due to poverty, unclean water and how they were too naive. No one could work out why people were getting diseases; not even doctors realized. All of this could have been prevented if safe hygiene was introduced. The average life expectancy was tragically low. Women were expected to live to just 33 and men to 31. Child death rates were high too. Mothers died in labor, because the person who was delivering the baby didn't use safe hygiene thus affecting the mothers wound and killing the child & the mother. The Industrial Revolution was more or less a life safer for many.

Serious changes had been underway in Britain, and by 1900 the population and life expectancy had increased. Better sanitation and hygiene had been introduced. Men and women now had a life expectancy into their late forties, and infant mortality had declined from 65 percent to a small 15 percent.This was primarily due to new sanitation methods. Joseph Lister introduced hygienic...

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