Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution was a major change in nearly every part of the day. Countless discoveries were made in many fields of work. Much of the world began to be industrialized; textile plants were affected greatly with the use of coal. As this happened, output of iron was increased numerously due to the use of mechanics as well. Plus, travel was made easier with the use of trains, canals and the fixing of many roads throughout countries. As canals were constructed, the need for a quicker ship became more and more obvious. Eventually the steam boat came along. With this discovery, trade, travel and many other daily jobs were done much quicker, therefore increasing quantity of things. The use of steam powered ships greatly increased economy throughout many countries such as the US as well as Great Britain. Steam powered trains also had a major breakthrough, which increased the need for more railway systems along the countryside. As much of the world entered this period industrialization, many places required engineers that had the ability to operate this machinery and be able to manage/ fix them. There are many major figures in this period that aided in engineering as well as other fields, such as Charles Babbage and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Charles Babbage was a scientist that helped Britain become one of the most advanced countries of that time. Born in 1791, he soon became known for many things achieved at a young age. For example, one of his greatest achievements was Calculating Engines, which was basically the idea of an electronic calculator. Babbage was also known for help in making lighthouse coding. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was one of the most famous scientists/ engineers of Britain during the 19th century. Born in 1806, Brunel has been given credit for the design and construction on bridges, tunnels, ships and many railways. A known bridge that he

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