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Industrial Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: Mankind9
  • on March 13, 2014
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The industrial revolution impacted the lives of many people and forever changed the world that we live in today. Many different things came out of the industrial revolution and some of it took a turn for the better and other for worse. The lives of women and children were impacted during the industrial revolution and the role of women in society was altered. There was increasing population shifts as a result of the revolution. Both the upper and lower classes were changed and they both had different experiences. Economic theories were developed as a direct effect of the revolution, economic theories such as capitalism and communism. Each theory benefited different social classes and each theory had its flaws.
The industrial revolution caused the growth of cities to skyrocket. The majority of people in Europe lived in rural areas before the revolution and after the majority of people lived in urban areas. The growth of industry caused people to move to cities in order to work in the factories and find other work. Some cities in Europe expanded as much as 40 percent in a single decade (Document 9). Cities soon became overcrowded. In a picture from Document 8 people in poverty are shown being crowded together in a dark ally. The overcrowding caused wide spread disease. The unsanitary living conditions and the overcrowding was a big cause of the spread of disease. So many victims of disease were being buried that the graveyards were already full and the disease was constantly breaking out (Document 2). Besides the bad living conditions there were bad working conditions to go along with them. The factory owners known as the Bourgeoisie lived in luxury while his worker lived in filth.   The average worker had a crazy number of hours to work for low wage. People who worked in the mines were susceptible to different diseases and other dangers. A worker couldn’t get injured or they would lose his/her job. It was for reasons like the long work day and working conditions...

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