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The Industrial Revolution Essay

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  • on April 3, 2008
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The idea of the Industrial Revolution is a main point in the history of the world. Robert Marks’s book compromises the Industrial Revolution and the ideas and motives it brought and the certain consequences it had on people or places. In the book, Origins of the Modern World, Marks describes the Industrial Revolution and how it took part not only the history of the globe, but the history of the countries or nation-states that began their own Revolution as well. This piece of history is important to Marks and is the central focus of his book. The Industrial Revolution had such an impact not only on the countries that took part in the revolution but also the world market and the world economy and their rises.

In order to understand the significance of the Industrial Revolution and why it was so important in Marks’s book, we must take a look at the history that led up to this idea and the events that allowed this revolution to become something so great. One must go back in history before the industrialized age into the agricultural era. In fact approximately 10,000 years ago when the very idea of farming was first developed, it was simply a way of life. “In the biological old regime, agriculture was the primary means by which humans altered their environment, transforming one kind of ecosystem into another that more efficiently channeled food energy to people.”
It was in present day Iraq, also known as the ‘fertile crescent’ were the first ideas of farming came into life. The idea of farming not only for you and your family but to yield a profit was most likely the first economic thought. With the idea of the economy, came the world markets. Due to lacking of resources and materials from different regions, they soon began to trade for raw materials needed for their land. This soon grew into trading for raw materials into luxuries. During these trades there soon became a trade triangle between Africa, Asia, and Europe. Marks stated that the world was...

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