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Industrial Revolution Essay

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Environmental Issues and the Industrial Revolution
Kenneth Christian
SCI 201

One of the biggest turning points in the ecology system of the Earth and human behavior was the industrial revolution which began in the eighteenth century. Human life and human lifestyles was adversely affected by this industrial revolution. It changed all the aspects of human life dramatically. It wasn’t until the early 1960s that this revolution started registering in the human mind. It took humans some 200 years to be aware of the effects of the industrial revolution on human development, health, life longevity, effect on natural resources, use of energy and public health.   As humans got smarter, their needs started getting bigger. Humans needed a solution for high social and economic demands, thus the era of industrial revolution was born. Because of status and greed, humans disregarded the hazardous effects industrialization bought along. (McLamb, 2011)
Industrialization led to the use of machinery instead of human labor. This trend spread throughout European countries and northern America. Use of machinery increased the capacity in production and affected the needs of humans, production of food, medicine, etc. It leads to increased speed in producing the basic human needs.
Negative Effects of Industrial Revolution
Factories and mass production required a lot of natural resources. Machines replaced human. Natural gas, oil, coal and wood was required to run the machines. The primary source of energy that factories used was coal. Burning of coal would help to heat water. Steam from hot water was used to run machines and engines. Burning of coal produced particles of carbon which were released in the air, thus affecting the air in the environment. This affected the atmosphere and posed serious threats to the humans. For example, in the 1060s around 400 people died in London because of smog...

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