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Industrial Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: alanabana99
  • on February 11, 2008
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In countries such as France, Latin America, the United States, and others, revolutions occurred and helped take control of political situations. In England, however, during the 1700’s, a different type of revolution took place. Triggered by the Agricultural revolution, this time period throughout the middle 1700’s is now known as the Industrial Revolution. This was a time where more techniques and inventions were created to increase efficiency in many areas of living. Size and number of farming land increased tremendously. New farming techniques were used to increase food production. Changes in textile machinery, large population of workers, and changes in agriculture contribute to why the revolution began in England.
Previous to the inventions to improve fabric work, production was extremely slow and tedious. This cloth, material, yarn goods, etc. is known as textile. There were many changes in textile machinery during the Industrial revolution in order to increase textile production. As mentioned in document 6, the spinning jenny, invented by James Hargreaves, spun 8-10 threads at a time and was made to use at home, in addition to the water frame, invented by Richard Arkwright, which was a large spinning machine driven by water in factory. In addition, the cotton gin, created by Eli Whitney, separated seed from raw cotton, a job that had formerly been done by hand.   With more efficiency in textile construction, more supply resulted. All these inventions increased the productions of clothes and goods, and lead the way to more modernization.
Large populations of workers allows for factories to have many employees, which speeds up production. Before the 1700’s, there were many small farms owned by separate families, but that all changed when the small farms were bought by larger ones. The peasants and farmers were left with no jobs, so they were forced to cities in England to work in the factories. As stated in document 2, “People left other occupations and came...

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