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Industrial Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: sabbs19
  • on May 10, 2012
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Industrial Revolution Essay
During the Industrial Revolution, many things happened, good and bad. I disagree with the statement that says, “The Industrial Revolution had a positive impact on society”, because of the negative impacts that it had on society. Because of the terrible working conditions, pollution, and tenement living, the Industrial Revolution overall did not have a positive impact on society.
I disagree with the fact that the Industrial Revolution had a positive impact on society, because of the child labor and conditions of all workers were horrible in the mines and in factories. In the mines it was dark and there was bad air that the workers breathed in which shows how bad the conditions were. Not only were the mines dark and the air was bad, there was the risk of explosions and floods which would most likely kill majority, if not all of the workers if something like that occurred. Also, not only were there bad conditions, but there was prejudice acts toward women because they were paid less than men, and also children had to work, which is horrible. Children worked who were only seven and eight years old and they had dangerous jobs in factories.
Another reason I think the Industrial Revolution didn’t have appositive impact on society is because all of the pollution it caused in the air and in the water. People who visited or live in Manchester, had to deal with a terribly polluted river which left a disgusting stench in the air. They also had to deal with the pollution in the air that they breathed because the factories were releasing coal into their oxygen and that was causing a lot of damage to the people’s lungs. Even in the factories, the coal dust destroyed workers’ lungs and that was a terrible impact of the Industrial Revolution. The people were not able to even be outside and breathe in safe air.
Lastly, I disagree with the statement that the Industrial Revolution had a positive impact on society because of tenement living. Living...

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