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Industrial Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: lahlele
  • on April 13, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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During the industrial revolution workers were exploited by the capitalist in different ways, children, women and men were all working in very poor working conditions. However the capitalist did not take that into consideration all they wanted was to maximise their profit. The industrial revolution brought change throughout the world. Society, Industry, Technology, and mostly everything we see in our daily lives is the way it is because of the industrial revolution. Therefore this essay will discuss how the system of industrial revolution contributed in exploitation of workers and what Marx says about capitalism. The essay will also discuss the exploitation of children and women during industrial revolution. Moreover the essay will discuss the exploitation of labour men during industrial revolution and how the effects of industrial revolution are affecting labour in general today. I will conclude by looking at issues we have today that originate from the industrial revolution.

For Marx capitalism is the mode of production based on unequal private ownership of the means of production. The capitalist own the means of production and the proletariat work hard to meet the production demand in factories, farms and corporate offices Dillon (2010). Industrial Revolution created a big change and divide the family structure.it changed people’s lives and standard of living by moving them out of farms to work in the industry in the city. Large factories and machinery were a part of people’s everyday life, though machines were new so there were no experience individuals. The issue with industrial revolution was that the system of capitalism exploited people at all levels, children, women, and men. Before industrialisation people were working in farm and there was no exploitation as in capitalism. As a result people had to move from their places to live in urban places to be close to industries. Products were produced in large quantities as they were also machines that play a...

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