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Industrial Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: jpoll34
  • on July 1, 2011
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1. Even though imperialism existed to some extent before the industrial revolution, it gave industrialized countries many reasons to peruse it.¬† Vast raw materials are needed to properly maintain a strong industrial economy.   Many believe the industrial revolution began in Great Britain, which was very powerful but small in terms of land, population, and available resources.   This gives them an incentive to colonize areas where there are large amounts of raw material instead of just paying for the materials.   After colonization, they now have the ability to take these materials back to the homeland to produce their product.   Through imperialism, they cut out the middle man.¬† Large consumer markets are also needed. Imperialism allowed industrialized countries to spread their influence to the weaker countries they conquered.   Through this spread of ideals, industrialized countries were able to create markets for the products they manufactured, it also allowed them to produce specific products to sell with in these markets.   For example say Great Britain conquered a country and converted them to Christianity.   There is now a huge demand for bibles in this country. Britain can now begin harvesting lumber from this area, taking it back to the motherland, turn it into bibles, and take it back to the country to sell it at a large profit.¬†Traveling long distances now became easier due to the Industrial Revolution. Traveling time was cut significantly due to the invention of the steam ship in the late 1700s.   This allowed Great Britain to exploit their colonies more than ever.   With established colonies and or trading posts in places like India, Africa, the Ottoman Empire and Persia, China, and North and South America (just to name a few) it was imperative that they were able to reach these places in an efficient manner.   The faster they arrived at their destination, the faster they could exploit resources and sell manufactured products in these markets.   The steamships...

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