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Change agenda WHAT IS EMPLOYEE RELATIONS? Introduction This Change Agenda summarises the changing nature of employee relations work in UK organisations. It is based on a series of interviews and discussions with HR executives and leading UK organisations, and on recent research by leading academics in the field. The aim of the report is to: • profile the decline in formal industrial relations work The work HR professionals carry out today in connection with employee engagement and the employment relationship includes: • managing the employment contract eg its legal basis, pay and conditions, discipline, absence, health and safety • ensuring compliance with employment law eg redundancies, unfair dismissal, minimum wage, working time, discrimination • direct communication through eg team briefings in organisations • describe some of the current work that HR professionals carry out under the heading of employee relations • stimulate debate about some key issues for HR and employee surveys • promoting retention, involvement and engagement through eg ‘partnership’, teamworking and work– life balance policies • the collective processes of negotiation and professionals. Union membership and traditional union-related personnel management work has declined enormously in the last 30 years, with no prospect of a sustained re-emergence, though the reregulation of employment and the new Employee Information and Consultation Regulations are pushing employee relations back up the management agenda. However, interest in the employment relationship and work for HR professionals has been reinvigorated by: • management philosophies of engagement, consultation, with and without trade unions. The underlying theme of this report is that managing the employment relationship remains central to good HR practice. The emphasis of employee relations

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