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INDUCTION PROCESS PROJECT All organisations in Australia and New Zealand must follow the WHS and Environment laws and regulations set by their State governments. This module highlights how everyone in the workplace has a duty to do everything reasonably practicable to prevent both physical and psychological injuries. It is essential that new organisational members receive adequate safety training during their orientation to the workplace and understand how their organisations’ policies relate to their work health & safety and to the environment. To improve the safety of organisational members in any workplace, an awareness of the potential hazards that exist in their workplace is essential. Every person can and must take appropriate precautions to reduce the risk of injury, and to report hazards and incidents. This course will provide learners with an understanding of the issues associated with the safety of themselves and their colleagues, and will allow learners to develop techniques to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries while at work. All organisations are governed by policies and procedures that are unique to each institution. Not only do they govern how work is to be carried out, but policies and procedures also act as a reference point and provide best practice approaches for employees. They are often organised according to categories such as General Compliance, Human Resources (HR) and Work Heath and Safety (WHS) and should be regularly monitored and updated to ensure effectiveness. This module defines policies and procedures and outlines their importance in the workplace. The process of developing and implementing is discussed and common types of policies and procedures are examined. The learner is given an overview of organisational governance according to policies and procedures and is able to

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