Indp Week 2 Part 1 Essay

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INDP Part 1 NTC/362 INDP Part 1 After looking over Kudler Fine Foods system it has been determined that a complete overhaul is needed. The system of all three locations will be brought up to the latest technology and have the ability to grow if needed. The system will be the proper system that will not be overkill but still be good enough to not be the least expensive as well. It will be the most cost effective system and still be good enough to handle the demands that the company will through at it. The system will be able to maintain the current load with the option of upgrading to newer and more advanced system in the future. The current network has many problems with a list below. • 56k modems that slow down connection speeds • The systems are running Windows 98 • Novell servers are at the two locations of Delmar and La Jolla which are twenty one years old • The XLS servers are running off of an old version of Windows 9X and Office 97 which are sixteen years old • The ups power supply is old and out dated and will need a newer system • The POS systems use the old Windows systems as well and are all stand alone. • The network itself uses the 56k modems to access the server and the internet • There is not a good switch with a firewall on the current system • The current bubble jet printer at the La Jolla and Del Mar locations are attached to a standalone computer and not on the network, never mind it is an old bubble jet • The back-up system is also attached to the standalone computer and is nothing more than a cd burner which does not have a redundant system. • The main server is an old NT Server with Win fax Pro which is an old system that is no longer used • The local Ethernet is very slow and needs to be upgraded The whole system will need to upgraded to make sure that the systems in all three stores can communicate with one another.
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