Individuals' Responsibility For The Environment

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In today’s rapidly developing society, guarding environment has become a great concern of people all over the world. Many organizations have been founded to try to alleviate the situation. Governments, along with the Press, have carried out numerous campaigns to educate the public and appeal for more awareness. Nevertheless, there is still a great deal that people can do to play a much more active role. It is my conviction that pollution is not only traced to industrial waste but also household activities. Therefore, citizens should not hold the government environmentally responsible but share the burden of these issues with their administration. A large amount of garbage scientifically proved to derive more from households, not only form big factories. Take, for instance, the case of marine damages which is in a large degree is due to chemicals without any handling treatment from factories, but household wastes form families and the habit of scattering litter directly into the sea and rivers also contribute to the problem. Hence, simple manners such as putting the garbage into the bins or classifying them into categories are highly evaluated as the contribution to reduce environmental devastation. In addition, when people are aware of importance of the natural environment, it might become motivation in helping the government struggle against illegal activities related to the violation of environmental protection. It will appear to be an increasing number of demonstrations of the purpose of protecting the environment, originating from building up awareness of environment for people. Moreover, it might be a great recovery when individuals voice their disagreement with every act of environment sabotage. From things mentioned above, without assistance coming from individuals, it is undoubtedly impossible for only the government to solve environmental problems. Both

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