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Individuality, or our identity as most people call it, forms in many ways from real-life situations. Even at a very young age, our individuality changes. From what we see or hear, we react and imitate. But as we get older, we figure out the morality of our actions of what we should do and not do, in which our parents and also following the ten commandments help us achieve it. Some other forms of our identity comes from the people we meet and/or socialize/interact with. To the things that we are introduced to like the music we listen to, what we watch on television, the emotions we experience from our daily lives, definitely our parents, and many others. But what I feel most importantly, is how we deal with the negative things that really impact us and that really disrupts our personal development. Laina Dawes, who is an African American woman, had this interview in which she talks about how she developed her own individuality. Laina did not have the most ideal childhood because she had dealt with a lot of hardships. The first band that influenced her was Kiss because of the makeup and clothing really "enthralled" her. During the age of 11, she attended an all white school and during that time, there was a lot racism and verbal harassment. So she had some struggles to deal with like getting on the bus, getting teased, having things being thrown at her, racial insults and so forth. When it came to high school, things became a little rough. She started to wear heavy metal/rock type of clothing which resulted in her not being accepted in the community that she lives in. Laina had recognition, but in a "bad way" because of the fact that everyone in metal community would not accept her. She was not embraced as she hoped she would and it seemed like how John Stuart Mill was saying in his essay of “On Liberty”, chapter three, which is Of Individuality, As

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