Individualism In The Book Night

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Night Essay The Nazis were able to conduct a mass genocide of Jewish people and they were not stopped in the process of doing so causing the deaths of millions of innocent people. Standing up against such large groups is almost impossible especially when done in small numbers. Adolf Hitler rose to power and controlled so much because he drew people into his Nazi organization by giving people a sense of belonging to a group or a sense of something bigger than themselves. Mr. Ross rose to power within his school because the students felt like they were superior beings by being a part of the wave. Elie Wiesel on the other hand was a victim to this type of domination, but unlike the students that were a part of the wave Elie had no choice in…show more content…
During this time Elie Wiesel and his family, along with countless other Jewish families from all around Europe were brought to a place called Auschwitz where they are either killed instantly or forced to work until they are deemed no longer useful. Elie hears murmurs around him when he arrives at the camp, “We’ve got to do something. We can’t let ourselves be killed. We can’t go like beasts to the slaughter. We’ve got to revolt” (page 29). The only problem was that no matter what they did the end result would remain the same. They were powerless and if they tried anything that the Nazis didn’t approve of they would be killed on the spot. They are being completely dominated by another group of people and they had no other choices besides obeying the Nazis or being brutally murdered. When describing the SS Officer Elie says, “He looked over us as if we were a pack of leprous dogs hanging onto our lives” (page 36). The entire time the Nazis main mission was to first strip all Jews of their identity and then eliminate each and every one of them, the Jews were left with not even a single ounce of individualism and at that time were hanging onto their lives by only the smallest of threads. Elie Wiesel and his recollection of what happened during the holocaust in Night is a perfect example of how an imbalance of power can lead to a loss of individualism. The Nazis increase in power and the Jews lack thereof is what caused them to lose their
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