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Individualism Individualism is the habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant. The word individualism was first introduced in the English language, in the 1830’s by the twenties, in an attempt to introduce a new branch of Christian religion. My interpretation of the word would to be following your own ways of thinking, free from others influence. Individualism, as a trait tailors each person’s approach to life and causes them to develop their own thought processes. This affects the way they view day to day situations and results in their viewpoint appearing unlike others. Individualists do not think like others and therefore do not follow the ways of other people. They make their own decision and have their own style and tend to do things without others influencing their thoughts, ways, and actions. Most identify with individualism, because I find many of my life choices take me down a different path than the majority of my peers. My educational choice set me apart from my childhood friends and some of my family. I realized that in order to grow I would have to change my school environment. When I enrolled at Bishop McGuiness, several friends told me that I was making a big mistake. They warned me that I wouldn’t fit in, I would crumble under the stress of the academics, and some said I was behaving, “like I was too good for then.” At first, I found Bishop McGuinness completing different learning experience, but it was the challenges of the classroom and making new friends that actually brought me to a place where I found myself feeling different from most people my age. It was from my public school that I gained insight into other cultures and issues, when I combined that with the higher standard of academics and a more sheltered student body at Bishop I found myself feeling like an island. As we know an island is approachable on all sides, but

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