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Individual Learning Paper PSY 103 April 28, 2008 As ever changing individuals, there are many learning experiences that one encounters every day of one’s life. These event s can be good or bad. But the ultimate goal is to learn from them. I will discuss from a psychological viewpoint, my personal learning experience with the mistake of giving a minor permission to drink wine while at home without clear and implemented guidelines. I was about 15 years old when my father gave me permission to drink wine freely in the home. He assumed that he was teaching me the properly way to consume and enjoy the taste of various wines. My father’s rationing was that if I learned from an adult instead of another minor this would keep me from abusing…show more content…
The next morning which was Saturday, I had awakened with the worst hangover and was reeking with the smell of wine and vomit. That afternoon our family was going to a wedding reception where there was more wine and champagne. I recall seeing a fountain full of bubbling champagne sitting on a table, as I passed by it the smell made get nauseated all over again and waiting to just puke. I learned my lesson from that day until this day to never over drink again. This learning experience was a very valuable one. Psychologically, not only did the operant conditions enhance my learning experience because I was the participant, but the observational learning of seeing what happens mentally and physically to an individual who is intoxicated. I was that drunken person. Learning experiences can be positive and negative. Our aim is to learn from every learning experience that one encounters in life on a daily basis. Hopefully, these experiences are more positive than they are negative. References Lahey, B. (2007). Psychology: an introduction (9th ed.). New York: McGraw- Hill. Chapters 4 (p. 114) and 6
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