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Individual Learning Journal Sustainability Essay

  • Submitted by: jumpingthegun
  • on June 22, 2011
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Thank you for an amazing journey.   Your course has certainly had an impact on me personally and I very much look forward to exploring global sustainability further.   This was definitely one of those courses that I will not soon forget.

In my original reflection I spoke about the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) and how I was making my contributions to the environment through those initiatives. Al Gore and other politicians were taking on the “big” issues and I was doing what I could.   Well, Al Gore’s passion, as impressive as it is, still is narrowly focused as it pertains to the overall sustainability issues.

Although not all academics can agree on a single definition for sustainability, the definition that I feel sums it up best is from Dr. John Ehrenfeld. Dr. Ehrenfeld states: ”I think of sustainability as a possibility that human and other life will flourish on earth forever.   Flourishing means not only survival, but also the realization of what whatever we as humans declare makes life good and meaningful, including notions like justice, freedom, and dignity.   And as a possibility, sustainability spoken in this way is a guide to actions that will or can achieve its central vision of flourishing for time immemorial” (Ehrenfeld, 2001)

So according to Ehrenfeld, stewardship of the earth and more specifically the people who inhabit it is the direct line to sustainability. After careful reflection on this statement, it draws me back into Hart’s work that I reflected on in my second Journal.   It is through his articles and his book Capitalism at the Crossroads (Hart 2010) that I really caught on to how sustainability can move from a burden to a way of life that can help millions of people in our world. Since this class, I have thought constantly on what could I do for

those at the bottom of the pyramid beyond giving my annual donation to World Vision. I would very much like to be involved in a company that has this focus.

My struggle was, and still...

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