Individual Development And Team Building Essay

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Individual Development and Team Building Prepared By Harish Rao K Table of Contents Problem Statement 4 Goal Statement 4 Background 5 Development of Leadership amongst Individual Team Members 5 Importance of High Quality Work 6 Time Management 8 To manage time, plan your time and then follow the plan. 8 Understanding how one spends time 8 Commitments 9 Responsibly Made commitments 9 Importance of managing commitments 9 Impact of not managing commitments 10 Way to manage commitments 11 Team Software Process 12 Leader centered/Leader Focused 12 Leader Centered/Integrated-Task Focused 12 Self-Led/Time and Task Focused 13 Self-Led/Task Focused – Our Goal 13 TSP provides a simple framework that is built on the foundation of PSP 13 Basic TSP Principles 13 Importance of Team 15 Building Effective Teams 15 Few Pointers 17 Pre-requisites for the Proposed Solution 18 Known Limitations with Proposed Solution 18 Reference / Suggested Further Reading 18 Available Books. 18 SEI Homepage for PSP and TSP 18 Version 1.0 (August 2005) of PSP BOK (PSP Body of Knowledge) 18 TSP - An Overview and Preliminary Reslts of Using Disciplined Practices 18 Team Software Processes 18 Suggested Further Reading 18 Abbreviations and Acronyms 19 Problem Statement Usually Team constitutes peaks and valleys – i.e. inadequate mixture of roles within a team. Goal Statement The current problem creates a need for building leadership within as well as making self-driven team members – thus creation of the new opportunities for individuals to take up these roles. This in turn would require great amount of learning to go hand in hand along with day to day activities. This session is a small step towards creating such awareness, and provides few pointers on how to build a. Leadership

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