Individual Deliverable Essay

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In this current assignment, I learnt the need to have a common database of shared knowledge, the importance of having a proper strategy/process in place so that the various teams and members would utilize this database and the need to have this information constantly updated. In the case it also highlighted the various obstacles that technology might have on the innovative process in an organization, thus the need to embrace personal interactions through constructive dialogues/discussion that which would harbor innovation. Also the need to have tacit knowledge than just explicit knowledge and the need for the supervisors and top management to have a proper structure in place which would aid the knowledge growth and knowledge sharing amongst various team members. This case reminded me of an example at work, where we had these huge manual process of replacing various setup files from one computer to another to fix an issue. This was the standard guidelines as stated in the design document about 7 years ago. No one in the team took the time to really understand what the issue and we blindly followed the step. It took a new hire; to think outside the box and figure out that it didn’t need the entire setup redone all it needed was a very small that which needed to be replaced. This reduced the manual effort from 4 hours to 5 min. This is a good example of blindly following an existing solution and not looking for opportunities to find new and innovative solutions. In this assignment I felt our team had a proper strategy of making it a point to be prepared for our discussions, which helped our in person meeting be very productive. We spend quality time in our discussions and clearly mapped out the various analysis stages. This aided in writing the paper

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