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The Changing Role of the Individual Christian The role of the individual Christian in the high and later Middle Ages was different than that of earlier time periods. As opposed to only church officials being able to communicate with God, some individuals of this time had gained the power to come in direct contact with God and fulfill His desires. Many of the individuals who claimed to have spoken with God went on to perform great miracles, hold a lasting impact, and become leaders in the Christian world. An account portraying an example of this change exists through the documented life of Saint Francis, as reported by Thomas of Celano. After speaking with God, Saint Francis, also known as Francesco Bernardone, the son of a wealthy merchant, chose to reject all material goods and dedicate his efforts to the will of God .# After feeling compelled to go into the shambled church of Saint Damian and experiencing the tremendous phenomena of God talking to him through the Crucifix, Francesco Bernardone chose to fixate his life upon satisfying God’s wishes.# God had reportedly commanded Francis to repair His house, or the church, because it was in ravages.# Although talking to God must have came as a shock to Saint Francis, he immediately “prepared to obey, surrendering himself completely to the…show more content…
It was believed that it was only through God’s miracles that Saint Francis could possibly have the power of obtaining obedience from wild creatures. Another report of a miracle throughout the life of Saint Francis was when he turned water into wine when he fell sick at Saint Urban’s hermitage.# By Saint Francis having the power to perform such a marvel, it is apparent that this is another parallel between Jesus and Saint Francis. Because of Saint Francis’s actions, he was described as “certainly a holy man.“# This notion is substantial, as it is a rarity to see such acts occur, especially with a higher being holding some sort of
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