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MK0901A MARKETING PLANNING, ORGANISATION AND CONTROL INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT 1. My rôle and responsability 3 A) The choice of role 3 B) What I did as a teamworker 3 C) What I did in terms of contributing to the group's marketing plan 4 2. The components of my marketing plan 4 A) Plan summary 4 a) External and internal analysis 5 b) Marketing plan: Objectives, Target market and Consumers 5 B) Justification of choice 6 a) Market analysis and competitor analysis 6 b) Environmental analysis 6 c) SWOT 7 d)Objectives 7 C) What we have not used for our analysis 7 3) My proposals to achieve the objectives 7 4) How did the group work in terms of developing the marketing plan 8 FPS Trainer from Play2imrove is a brand new product which is launch on the niche market of the personal teaching in terms of video games. No other product as this one has been created yet. The aim of this software is training the user and permit him to improve his skills and quickly be able to play multiplayers online game. So, my group and myself had the task to devise and justify a marketing plan for play2improve FPS Trainer which would raise the organizational profile and achieve a target user community of 100 000 players by March 2011. In this individual assessment, I develop these following four parts : -My role and responsibility -The components of my marketing plan -My proposals to achieve the objectives -How did the group work in terms of developing the marketing plan. 1) My role and responsibility First, I joined the marketing group only during the third week. This is due because of the change of one of my modules; I chose to stop Spanish where my level was too low to pursue this course. Thus, I unhesitatingly chose marketing. My integration with the group was very
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